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Top Reasons to Use Your End of the Year Dental Benefits

Most assume that dental insurance is something that only gets used when a specific dental treatment, such as dental crowns or root canals, are required. The truth is that as the year draws closer to a conclusion, there are 5 reasons to use your end of the year dental benefits soon. You’ll be amazed by […]

A picture of charcoaled teeth with the text: Does Charcoal Teeth Whitening Do More Harm Than Good?

Does Charcoal Teeth Whitening do More Harm Than Good?

You may (or may not) have heard of this newfangled product called charcoal teeth whitening. It’s all the rage for bloggers from WellnessMama to Bustle…but is this product doing more harm than good? Charcoal Teeth Whitening May Deteriorate Enamel The American Dental Association has not evaluated or approved any charcoal whitening products. A spokesperson for […]

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Foods that Naturally Whiten Teeth!

The best fruits for maintaining or restoring dental health and whiter teeth include:  Apples Apples contain a lot of the enzyme Bromelain breaks down protein, and has been used effectively in ellagitannins, which decrease inflammation in the mouth by decreasing tooth-staining bacteria. Strawberries also have a lot of Vitamin C, a natural anti-inflammatory which helps to fight and prevent periodontal disease and […]

Why You Should Choose Dental Implants

Doctors and patients alike consider implants to be the superior option when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Implants may sometimes be more expensive than the alternatives—bridges, partials and dentures—but the long-lasting benefits outweigh the initial cost by far. Here is our list of reasons why you should choose dental implants: Aesthetics – Implants are the only […]

5 strategies for preventing tooth decay

Five Strategies for Preventing Tooth Decay

There’s nothing like regular visits to qualified dental professionals for keeping up with optimal dental health. That all being said, preventing tooth decay is something we all have individual control over before even visiting our dentists. These five strategies will help you minimize tooth decay between dental visits: Reduce sugar: Sugar, with an emphasis on […]