Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are one of the parts of our bodies that we don’t need anymore. Add it to the list along with the appendix; wisdom teeth simply aren’t necessary for a human! In fact, if wisdom teeth are allowed to fully grow can cause more damage than good.

The dangers of keeping impacted or partially-erupted wisdom teeth include:

  • Shifting of permanent teeth
  • Jaw pain & headaches
  • Chronic sinus infections
  • Harm to other teeth

Everybody has a completely different set of teeth and needs, so Dr. Walkington will do a thorough evaluation of your wisdom teeth with x-rays and a visual examination to determine what steps need to be taken. For some, wisdom teeth may grow in completely fine, others may not even have their wisdom teeth, but for most there is a very good chance that they will cause problems down the road. Dr. Walkington will explain your options for removal and help you decide which one is right for you.

Even if your wisdom teeth grow in absolutely perfect, there is another reason you may be better off without them: cavities. Wisdom teeth are deep inside your mouth and are difficult to brush and floss. Your third molars are a set of 4 teeth that need maintenance and care, and if they are removed, you’ll never have to worry about their health. Most dentists agree, remove them before they cause any potential problems.

With digital x-rays, Dr. Walkington can determine how your wisdom teeth are growing in. This way he’ll know before they erupt whether or not they will, or potentially will, cause damage your other teeth or cause health issues. At Wildflower Dental & Orthodontics, there is no guesswork involved!

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Wisdom teeth removal

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Hurt?

Wisdom teeth don’t inherently hurt. If the wisdom tooth is allowed to erupt, the pain is similar to an infant’s teeth coming in for the first time. The tooth is pushing through your gums! Another possible reason wisdom teeth are causing pain is because they are pushing against your other teeth, causing pain in the jaw. Everybody is different, for some, the pain may seem to appear over night, and for others, the pain may amplify slowly over time. Some lucky individuals never experience pain at all!

Another kind of pain that is associated with wisdom teeth is when the tooth becomes impacted. This occurs when the tooth stays under the gum because of the way it grows in, or because of restrictions from other teeth or the jawbone. Impacted wisdom teeth are prone to infections the longer it stays in your jaw. Infected wisdom teeth are very painful and can lead to new risks, such as cysts, which can permanently damage the jawbone. If you are experiencing a lot of pain from your wisdom teeth, it’s important to have Dr. Walkington perform an evaluation as soon as possible.

You can see that wisdom teeth can pose many different health risks and be painful when they aren’t being monitored by a dental health professional. If you are a patient of Dr. Walkington’s, he will ensure your wisdom teeth are closely monitored during your routine dental checkups.

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