Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a great way to keep your teeth looking fresh, clean, and dazzling. Teeth will start to lose their whiteness over time from all of the staining food and drinks we have every day. To combat the stains, Dr. Walkington uses industry-leading teeth whitening treatments that brightens your smile up to 16 shades lighter! Wildflower Dental & Orthodontics is committed to the health of our patients and the success of our treatments, so you won’t be disappointed in our professional teeth whitening services. A freshly whitened smile can greatly boost your confidence and empower you to smile more. Not only will it brighten your life, but those around you will be impacted by a happy smile.

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth but aren’t sure how to fit it into your schedule and budget, you have options!

Teeth Whitening


KöR® Deep Bleaching™ system

The powerful KöR® Deep Bleaching™ system consists of two in-office treatments with a week of at-home whitening in between. KöR Whitening’s revolutionary hydrogen peroxide solution brightens teeth up to 16 shades, and if you follow the simple maintenance program your brilliant new smile can last a lifetime. Best of all, KöR Whitening includes a desensitizing gel that has been proven to significantly lessen tooth sensitivity, a common side effect of whitening.

KöR Whitening has been proven to brighten stains from a number of different causes:

  • Fluorosis (excessive fluoridation during tooth development)
  • Medications (Tetracycline, etc.)
  • Normal wear of outer tooth layer
  • Yellow of brown tobacco stains (cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, etc.)

KöR Whitening is so effective that it is the only system in the world that has been proven to whiten tetracycline-stained teeth – previously thought to be impossible.

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We also have take-home teeth whitening kits that allow you to continue whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home! Your teeth will be noticeably whiter in less than two weeks!