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How Do You Know You Need a Root Canal?

The term “root canal” refers to both the inner part of the teeth where the pulp is located and also to the multistep restorative dental procedure to remove infected material, relieve pain, and seal it to protect against future root canal pain. A root canal may also involve removing the nerve for the infected tooth. […]

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How Does Drinking Kombucha Affect Your Teeth?

It’s not news that sugary sodas and juices are bad for your health, and many adults have made an effort to replace their customary Coke or Pepsi with healthier options like green tea, lemon water, or the increasingly popular fermented tea known as kombucha. However, it’s important to realize the effect that even nutritious drinks […]

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How to Help Your Kids Avoid the Dentist’s Drill

Research indicates that approximately 41% of all children who were between the ages of 6 and 11 and taken to the dentist needed a cavity filled. Many of these cavities were found on the child’s permanent molars. The good news is that there are several things you can do as a parent to help your […]

Top Reasons to Use Your End of the Year Dental Benefits

Most assume that dental insurance is something that only gets used when a specific dental treatment, such as dental crowns or root canals, are required. The truth is that as the year draws closer to a conclusion, there are 5 reasons to use your end of the year dental benefits soon. You’ll be amazed by […]

Five Strategies for Preventing Tooth Decay

There’s nothing like regular visits to qualified dental professionals for keeping up with optimal dental health. That all being said, preventing tooth decay is something we all have individual control over before even visiting our dentists. These five strategies will help you minimize tooth decay between dental visits: Reduce sugar: Sugar, with an emphasis on […]

Value of Water to our Dental Health

The Importance Of Water To Our Dental Health

Water is important to our bodies for many reasons. Not only does it hydrate us, regulate our temperature, and keep us alive, it has benefits for our oral health in ways you might not realize. I’m not talking about fluoride either. Water helps to keep your teeth clean in between normal brushing! Think about it […]