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5 Oral Health Tips for Summer

It is the dog days of summer and parents need to make certain that their little ones have healthy teeth throughout the hot and lazy days ahead. With children at home and lots of trips on the horizon, here are several tips for you to remember and keep your children’s mouths from going the way of the dogs this summer (sorry, couldn’t help the reference).

1. Take Care With Activities

Everyone who has been to a public swimming pool knows the iconic summer yell of a lifeguard, “Walk!” While this may seem like a boring summer job, the most common form of mouth injury happens in slipping on wet concrete. Lifeguards are doing great work, but you need to monitor your children and teach them proper running techniques for all their activities. From taking care with wet concrete to never running with an object in their mouths, care in activities provides students with healthy activities.

2. Get Creative and Ensure Regular Brushing

Day camps, week camps, trips to the beach or the lake all take you away from the safe and regular routine of brushing teeth. Purchase some travel size toothbrushes and disposable toothbrushes and put them in plastic baggies in your purse, car, or child’s backpack so that they will be with you when you need to clean up after spaghetti and meatballs.

3. Don’t Forget Nutrition

It is very tempting to put kids on snacking autopilot as they are home all day. Avoid the problems associated with poor nutrition by planning snack foods and meals ahead of time. It may seem easier to stock up on sugary snacks, but fresh fruits and veggies and whole grain foods are just as easy to snack on and keep your kids active and healthy.

4. Get Outside And Be Prepared For Emergencies

Getting outside keeps your children healthy and keeps them from wanting the junk food so often associated with days on the couch. As you get outside, you will need to ensure you have proper emergency kits for oral care as well as the regular scrapes and bruises that can happen. In the event of an emergency, make certain to use cold pouches on the wound, clear out any abrasions, keep lost teeth moist or put them back in the mouth if possible, and have a liquid pain killer on hand.

5. Get Checkups Out of The Way Earlier

Many people like to do their children’s oral checkups before school, but this just adds to much of the stress involved in getting ready for the upcoming school year. Save on the stress by getting your kids in the dentist earlier in the summer and ensure that they have strong teeth for all the playing they will do.

These tips on how to keep your children’s teeth healthy this summer will help you make the best of the remaining days of heat.

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