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How to Help Your Kids Avoid the Dentist’s Drill

Research indicates that approximately 41% of all children who were between the ages of 6 and 11 and taken to the dentist needed a cavity filled. Many of these cavities were found on the child’s permanent molars. The good news is that there are several things you can do as a parent to help your child avoid ever having to deal with the dentist’s drill.

Create a Healthy Brushing Habit

Kids, especially very young kids, tend to be reluctant about brushing their teeth. They simply don’t understand the importance. It’s up to you, as parents, to make brushing a habit that will keep their smile healthy for the rest of their life. Here are some ideas for making that happen:

  • Choose fun toothbrushes
  • Make a game out of brushing their teeth
  • Supervise them during brushing time to make sure they’re not only brushing, but taking their time to brush properly rather than racing through the process.

In addition to checking that your kids are brushing their teeth, you should also make sure that they’re flossing and using mouthwash too.

Watch the Sugary Treats

Wanting your kids to have healthy smiles and avoid the dental drill doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy an occasional candy bar or soda. Instead of banning sugary treats altogether, teach your kids that they need to brush after each indulgence and that they need to moderate the number of times they dip into the sweets. If possible, encourage them to stick to treats that aren’t sticky and won’t leave damaging sugary residue on their teeth.

Take Them to the Dentist

It may seem counterintuitive but preventing your kids from experiencing the dental drill means making sure they see the dentist on a routine basis. You should bring your kids in for regular dental cleanings every six months. These preventive visits not only ensure that your child has good oral health, but also removes built-up tarter that brushing can’t remove.

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