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Tooth-Friendly Desserts – Dentist Approved!

Why does it always feel like our favorite things to eat are bad for you in some way? While it does seem like a losing battle against the inevitable decision to just eat it anyways, we’re here to give you some hope! Here is a list of tooth-friendly desserts that are dentist approved!

Love Chocolate? Go For Dark

Chocolate is one of nature’s blessings bestowed to mankind. It can be manipulated into many forms, and each different preparation is delicious in it’s own right. But if you are trying to keep yourself in check, go for dark chocolate! Dark chocolate has significantly less sugar than other kinds of chocolate, plus it washes away from your teeth fairly easily with saliva, limiting the damage that the sugar will do to your enamel.

Apples with Cheese

Dessert doesn’t have to be decadent, right? If your sweet tooth isn’t off the charts, try this healthier dessert option. The apples will gently scrub the plaque off your teeth, and the cheese helps to acidify the sugar from the apples. It’s a win/win for your teeth!

Kefir with Cinnamon

Don’t get scared away by the funny sounding word; kefir is delicious! It’s a lot like yogurt and is full of probiotics that help with digestion. Dairy products are generally good for teeth because of the calcium and vitamin D inherent in them. The cinnamon is a nice compliment to the kefir that tastes great but also acts as an anti-inflammatory substance for your body. Cinnamon oil also has been proven to fight dental caries because of its natural anti-bacterial properties.

Do you have any tooth-friendly dessert ideas? Leave them in the comments below! If you have any questions about foods that are good for your teeth, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Walkington at your next dental visit!

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