What Are the Benefits of Custom Dentures?

An older couple with healthy and complete smilesPatients who are missing some of the teeth have several treatment options available to them. One of the most popular and widely available restorative dentistry treatments for missing teeth: dentures. Dentures are prosthetics that can be placed in the mouth to replace a few missing teeth or a complete arch of teeth. Unlike dentures of the past, today’s dentures are more customized, secure, and natural looking than ever before. In this blog post, Frisco dentist Kyle Walkington explains why custom dentures are excellent option for the replacement of missing teeth.

More Secure Fit

Custom dentures now offer a more secure fit due to the wider range of attachment options. Dentures can be attached via:

  • Dental implants: Dental implants are the best option to anchor dentures in place. The dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, actually replacing the roots of the teeth. After a healing period, the dentures can be attached to the dental implants using ball or bar abutments.
  • Suction: Patients who do not have any surrounding teeth to attach the dentures to, and those who do not wish to have dental implants placed, may secure their dentures with suction cups that are built into the base of the dentures.
  • Surrounding teeth: Dentures may also be attached to remaining surrounding teeth through the use of clasps that are built into the custom dentures.

Out of all of these options, dental implants offer the most secure and stable fit.

Improved Appearance

Dentists and dental laboratory technicians can fabricate dentures that look more natural. The dentist can design a set of teeth that look natural and beautiful, and complement the patient’s surrounding features. The replacement teeth are often made of porcelain or composite acrylic resin materials, which produce a natural look, and are also quite durable. A gum-colored acrylic base is fabricated to blend in with the patient’s existing gum tissue.

Custom Fit

Each patient’s dentures are custom designed and fabricated so the dentures fit perfectly within the patient’s mouth, and look natural and beautiful. During your initial appointment, the dentist will take impressions of your gums and remaining teeth. This impression is used to ensure a precise fit for the dentures. In addition, the dentist will design the new teeth so they fit and look proportionate alongside the surrounding teeth. The dentist can even improve the appearance of the teeth. If the natural smile was affected by gaps or misalignment, the new smile can be enhanced to produce an improved appearance.


Custom dentures not only look great — they improve the patient’s function as well. With custom dentures, patients are often able to:

  • Speak clearly and without fear of the dentures slipping out of place
  • Eat all types of foods without any restrictions
  • Smile and laugh confidently

Custom dentures are designed to improve the patient’s appearance, function, comfort, and confidence. To find out if custom dentures are right for you, contact Wildflower Dental & Orthodontics today to schedule a consultation. Our staff will schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience.