Cosmetic Dental Bonding Can Beautify a Blemished Smile

A Woman Who Is SmilingThere are few people who are completely satisfied with the condition of their teeth and overall appearance of the smile. Because of the constant wear and tear that the teeth are exposed to, along with regular contact with stain-potential foods and beverages, it is difficult to keep the teeth flawless. Small imperfections and even minor structural problems are quite common among patients. Dr. Kyle J. Walkington is a cosmetic dentist with experience and training in improving both the health and beauty of the teeth. Fortunately for his Frisco patients, he offers dental bonding, which can address a wide range of cosmetic flaws in order to restore a beautiful appearance to the smile. This non-invasive procedure can vastly improve the aesthetics of the teeth in just a single dental appointment and with minimal cost to the patient.

Dental Bonding Uses

There are many aspects of dental bonding that make it a popular treatment amongst our patients, including the fact that it is a non-invasive procedure which requires no permanent alteration to the teeth, and the fact that it is one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures available. However, perhaps what makes dental bonding the most appealing is the fact that is has so many uses. Virtually any cosmetic blemish can be concealed with dental bonding. The uses of dental bonding are vast and include the following:

  • Repairing chips or cracks: The composite material that is used during dental bonding treatment can be applied directly to a crack in a tooth to fill in any crevice of space and cover up the crack so that it can no longer be seen. Similarly, this material can be applied, filed, and shaped to fill in any portion of the tooth that has chipped off.
  • Filling in gaps: Gapped teeth are a fairly common dental imperfection. Even patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment may find that eventually the teeth shift slightly, leaving wide spaces between the teeth. Dental bonding can fill in these gaps to create the appearance of symmetric and evenly spaced teeth.
  • To improve color or conceal stains: Dental bonding can be made to match the color of the teeth so it is a great treatment option for patients who wish to improve a discolored tooth or to conceal stains that have developed on the teeth. This is particularly beneficial to patients who suffer from the types of stains or discoloration that do not respond well to tooth whitening treatment.
  • Improve tooth shape: By shaping and filing bonding material to the tooth, Dr. Walkington can improve the overall shape and size of the tooth. This allows him to improve the appearance of a misshaped tooth, lengthen a tooth that is too short, or fill in any space between the teeth and the gums in order to create the appearance of a longer tooth.

Alternate Treatment

Dental bonding is a very useful treatment that can dramatically improve the appearance of the smile. However, patients should understand that its applications are somewhat limited in that it isn’t ideal for treating a large number of teeth at once. If a large group of teeth, or the majority of the teeth, are blemished by cosmetic flaws, alternate treatment may be recommended. Porcelain veneers can address a full range of cosmetic imperfections and can be applied to a large group of teeth in order to makeover the entire smile. Dr. Walkington will discuss this option in more detail if he feels a patient is better suited to this procedure.

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