Value of Water to our Dental Health

The Importance Of Water To Our Dental Health

Water is important to our bodies for many reasons. Not only does it hydrate us, regulate our temperature, and keep us alive, it has benefits for our oral health in ways you might not realize. I’m not talking about fluoride either. Water helps to keep your teeth clean in between normal brushing!

Think about it this way, how many times have you been too busy or tired to clean the dishes after dinner and they got left in the sink overnight. Remember how caked on the remnants of the food gets and how hard it can be to clean it in the morning? The same dish, if washed in a timely manner, will be much easier to clean up. In the same vein, our teeth are like those dishes.

If we leave food residue on them for extended periods of time, not only does it increase the harmful bacteria in our mouth, it makes cleaning more difficult. If you simply use water to swish around and dislodge the remnants of food particles after a meal and snacks, it will be easier on your teeth throughout the day! Our mouths need moisture too, and drinking water regularly helps to keep your breath fresh. Nobody wants dry and stagnant breath, especially those around you!

If you have trouble remembering to drink water throughout the day, try getting a water bottle to keep at your desk or in plain sight that will remind you to take a drink. You’ll discover that once you set this habit, you’re likely to discover that it’s easy to keep it up. Your body and teeth will thank you for it!

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