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Adjusting to Life After Braces: What to Eat

One of the hardest adjustments patients must make after being fitted with braces is an acute awareness of what they can or cannot eat. While you may have to at least temporarily say goodbye to a few of your favorite foods — at least until braces are removed — the sacrifice is well worth the beautiful smile you will gain.

Foods to Avoid

Hard or hard-to-chew foods that may bend or break your braces are off the list of permitted foods, as are any that are sticky, hard, or crunchy. Many of these foods can cause your braces to become misaligned, or can get stuck under the braces where they can cause tooth decay or other damage to the surfaces of your teeth.

This can cause repeated trips to your orthodontist to adjust or repair your braces and can considerably extend the length of time you need to wear your braces.

Say goodbye to such things as toffee, candle apples, chewing gum, hard chocolate, popcorn, or nuts, among others.

And, although you can eat such foods as raw vegetables, croutons, steak, burgers, and corn-on-the-cob, you should cut them into small pieces and avoid biting into them with your front teeth.

Foods You Can Still Enjoy

Fortunately, the list of foods you can eat is both extensive and tasty.

Most soft foods, such as soup, eggs, yogurt, soft fruit, pudding, ice cream and most dairy products are okay to eat.

In addition, tender seafoods and meats such as shrimp, fish, chicken and hamburger are safe for braces, as are pasta dishes such as spaghetti, ravioli, and macaroni and cheese.

Wearing braces does not mean you can’t eat many of the foods you love, but it does mean you need to be smart about what you do eat.

Your dentist should be able to provide you with a comprehensive list of braces-safe foods or answer any questions or concerns you may have about what you can eat or can’t eat while wearing braces.

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