5 strategies for preventing tooth decay

Five Strategies for Preventing Tooth Decay

There’s nothing like regular visits to qualified dental professionals for keeping up with optimal dental health. That all being said, preventing tooth decay is something we all have individual control over before even visiting our dentists.

These five strategies will help you minimize tooth decay between dental visits:

  • Reduce sugar: Sugar, with an emphasis on refined sugars, are the number one leading cause of tooth decay when not moderated.
  • Drink unflavored water: Maintaining a daily ritual of consuming, at least, four glasses of unflavored water will keep the body hydrated without introducing harmful sugars or extra calories into the body.
  • Brush 2x daily: Dental hygiene experts recommend a minimum of two teeth brushing sessions each day for the optimal prevention of tooth decay.
  • Add positive dental foods: Foods rich in calcium and high in fiber are great for dental health and reducing tooth decay.
  • Floss: Simply flossing — if practiced daily — can return incredible results in the way of preventing tooth decay. So much of the harmful dental plaque buildup occurs between your teeth. Simple cleaning, by way of flossing, on a daily basis will help drastically in preventing tooth decay.

For people committed to their own dental health, the ball is truly in your court. If you follow these five simple recommendations, you’ll be on track to benefit from better dental hygiene, less tooth decay and fewer future health expenses. Teeth are some of your most prized possessions and we would love to help you take care of them! Schedule a checkup or cleaning today and get a healthy mouth.


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